Photo: Food Package Says “Baked After Pesach ’16”

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  1. Were is the manufacturer and for where was the manufacturing done for? Is the expiration date February 7, 2016 and therefore the expiration date has passed and it is from last year. Or us the expiration date July 2, 2016? How long is the expiration date for? Sometimes these packaged cakes can be good for over a year, so in theory it could still be from last year.

  2. I’ts from last year, and it’s a 5 not a 6, the ink ran and formed the ball of the 6, look also how the letter beforehand is misformed.

    In think it’s someone that was bored that put out this picture. I hope so.

  3. Clearly a 5 turned into a 6 with a market. You can see the pointy end of the right side of the “6” which clearly shows it as 5. Therefore, it was from last year!! It seems that somebody tampered with the date as a shtick.


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