Fraud: The African King Has No Clothes

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Some months ago, an African named Francis A. Ayi appeared in Israel claiming that he was king of lost Jewish tribes in Togo, Africa, and intimating that he wanted to draw them back to their ancestral faith. His chief promoter, anti-missionary activist Daniel Asor, now admits that he agrees with those who accused Ayi of being a fraud.

“Today our paths separated,” he told the Israeli chareidi press. “At the time he came to me, he claimed that he was a Christian but belonged to the Lost Tribes. I brought him to the gedolei Yisroel and said that they would decide whether to convert him. They gave me their blessing to convert him… But after a while I noticed that he was sending text messages on Shabbos and I saw that he was involved in certain Christian or magic rituals. This doesn’t go with Judaism.”

Ayi attempted to bring undesirable Muslims and Christians to Israel, claiming, “This is what Hashem told me.” More recently, he revealed plans to coronate himself and other people as kings. Asor concluded that Ayi was a charlatan with messianic pretensions who even deceived two of Asor’s secretaries.

“It was impossible to work with him when he claimed he was the messianic king,” Asor said. “Suddenly, in the past month, I heard a female secretary saying, ‘Hashem said to the king.’ My two secretaries, chareidi sisters, believe wholeheartedly that he is the moshiach. Now, I only hope that we can stop this and emend what we have done.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Big deal
    We already have an Kenyan imposter in charge of a great country, who acts like a king, and has messianic aspersions. The funny thing is that in his native tongue his very last name means “crooked”.

  2. SubSaharan Africa(except Ethiopia) used not to have states until the colonial times, and as such there couldn’t have been kings; tribal leaders perhaps, but not kings. We have to be very cautious who we allow to megayer. Why take in charlatans and nut cases?

  3. Two Israeli secretaries, described to be charedi ladies, are deceived by this person with issues into thinking he is nothing less than the Moshiach? that sounds to me the real and serious problem and causes me to worry. It gives me much more heartache than the already heartbreaking fact that in Africa mental health issues are not properly treated, due to the fact that medical science in Africa can barely treat (and sometimes it can’t) the well-known and ordinary health problems with straightforward treatments, due to their lack of medical / paramedic / RN staff, beds, drugs and of course money, unless the patient is wealthy enough (if so, after stabilization his private jet will be on its way to USA, Europe, or perhaps Israel). All this is heartbreaking but unfortunately not something myself, or this website and its readers, can resolve by snapping our fingers.

    By the way we would like the names of the gedolim who advised Mr Asor and we would also like to know their current position on the issue. Also please explain the logical relationship between the following statements, which to me, sound contradictory and not consequential
    (1) said that they would decide whether to convert him.
    (2) They gave me their blessing to convert him

    This person should be returned to health and lead a productive life in Togo or wherever he wishes, and be able to smile when he looks back at his delusions. Delusions which, I am sorry to say, should not have been fueled.


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