FREE BOOZ: Owner of Manhattan Beer Distribution Giving Free Beer to Anyone Making Shalom Zochor This Week

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Mr. Simon Bergson, owner of Manhattan Beer Distribution, announced that he’s giving out free beer to anyone who will be making a shalom zochor this coming Shabbos in honor of him selling his company’s chometz kedas uk’din.

If you will be making a shalom zochor this coming Shabbos, you can contact Rabbi Weinfeld by emailing to claim your free beer.


Video courtesy of Reel of News


  1. Thanks for sharing this.

    However, I wish to comment on the expression “FREE BOOZ”.

    I don’t think “booz” is an appropriate expression for bnei Torah and bnei yeshiva to use.

    Would Rav A.Y. Pam z”l זי”ע use such an expression? I doubt it.

    Thanks for your attention and consideration.


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