Free Camp to Be Offered to Children Affected by Sandy


hurricane-sandy13Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc and destruction on the lives of thousands. Many are still not yet back in their own homes.

There have been a number of initiatives aimed at assisting the very people most affected by the superstorm.

As summer approaches, the American Camp Association will be offering hundreds of scholarships to more than seven dozen day and sleep-over camps. has learned that a number of Jewish camps are among the institutions in New York and New Jersey that will be granted scholarships.

The American Camp Association’s “Heal the Children” program was established following the 2001 terrorist attacks to provide summer camp scholarships for affected families.

Families hit by Sandy will be eligible if they have a combined household income of $90,000 or less, lost their primary residence for 90 days, or if their income was cut in half.

Families may contact the American Camp Association through its website or call 212.391.5208.

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. my neighbor is chassidish & he says camp cost 1900 for the whole season ! why am i paying twice that for my sons camp


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