Freed Hostage Says She Met Hamas Leader In A Tunnel, Was Kept In Dire Conditions

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A 72-year-old woman, Adina Moshe, experienced a harrowing 50-day captivity at the hands of Hamas, she shared with Channel 12 on Wednesday.

Moshe, taken from Kibbutz Nir Oz during a violent attack on southern communities, vividly described being held in a dark and humid tunnel. Remarkably, she encountered Hamas’s Gaza leader, Yahya Sinwar, during her ordeal. To cope, fellow hostages organized an informal lecture series, offering some respite from the challenging conditions.

On October 7, when Hamas terrorists attacked, Adina Moshe was seized, her home raided. Her husband, David, was shot in the leg, and she was forcefully taken from the window of their safe room. Another terrorist returned to fatally shoot her husband.

Subsequently, she was transported into Gaza on a motorcycle flanked by armed terrorists, enduring theft of her jewelry and glasses, leaving her nearly blind throughout her captivity.

Under armed guard, Moshe and a group of hostages were led into Hamas’s extensive tunnel network, traversing five hours down dark, airless shafts. Despite assurances of imminent release, it took almost 50 days for her freedom to be secured. Moshe expressed frustration toward Israel for not acting sooner, while Israeli leaders contend they did everything possible, attributing the November release deal to a massive offensive on Gaza following the October attacks.

“We believed them. We believed that would be the first thing Israel would do,” she said. It ended up taking nearly 50 until she was freed.

“I told all the guys, ‘We’ll be here for at least two months and not because of Hamas,’” she said, indicating she harbored anger toward Israel for not securing her release earlier.

Life in captivity involved meager rations, canned goods, and rice dwindling over time, all illuminated by a small LED light. To pass the time, three male hostages offered lectures on various topics, diverting from Holocaust discussions when they became too distressing. Moshe, who speaks some Arabic, negotiated with the gunmen to lower their rifles and was allowed walks through the tunnel. During one of these walks, she discovered two male hostages in cells, claiming they had fought back against the terrorists.

Deep underground, Moshe was oblivious to Israel’s massive bombardment but sensed it through the movement of the tunnels.

At one point, Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar visited her and fellow hostages.

“Hello. How are you? Everything OK?” Moshe said Sinwar told them in the Hebrew he had learned during a long incarceration in Israel. She said the hostages bowed their heads and did not respond. Another visit followed three weeks later, she said.

Moshe, haunted by images of released tunnels, believes some fellow captives may not have survived the relocation.

“I have a feeling that some of them aren’t alive, because I know that they are no longer in the place where I was. They took them from there. I’ve seen the pictures.”

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    • The phrase “ the chickens are coming home to roost” is well-known and often attributed to African American, anti-imperialist, revolutionary leader Malcolm X following the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963

    • shes still our sister, no matter if we disagree or not. we do stupid things which seem idiotic to them, same vice versa. Were all in pain that a fellow yid endured this torture, now is definitely not the time to vent frustration with another yids tragedy. (I believe you totally agree!)

  1. It is good that Indian craftspeople are coming to work in Israel. No arab should be given work in Israel, they are only interested in killing Jews.


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