Freedom Tower will Be Guarded By Nearly 700 Police Officers

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ground-zero-freedom-towerNearly 700 police officers will be assigned to a command dedicated solely to the new Freedom Tower and surrounding blocks, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said this morning.The World Trade Center Command, as it is called, will be substantially larger than most NYPD precincts, the busiest of which have far fewer officers and cover greater swaths of territory.

The new command does not yet have a home, but Kelly said the NYPD is working with the Department of Citywide Administrative Services to find a downtown location to which 673 officers will be assigned.

Port Authority police will also patrol the location.

The new post will be lead by Deputy Inspector Donald McHugh of the Counterterrorism Bureau, Kelly said, with officers assigned to him incrementally, as the Freedom Tower construction takes place.

“We will have a significant presence there when the memorial opens (this) Sept. 11,” Kelly said.

The commissioner earlier addressed a breakfast sponsored by the Police Foundation, telling the audience “a solid defense against terrorism” will provide a safe working environment for businesses and pedestrians at Ground Zero.

“There’s a simple lesson in this: Commercial success is not hindered but helped by responsible, thoughtful and thorough security measures,'” Kelly said. “That is precisely what we will provide at the World Trade Center.

“We owe no less to the people who will be there every day.”

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  1. The English call this sort of situation “locking the stable door after the horse has bolted”.

    The six hundred and seventy three policemen (and women, no doubt) will be falling over each other.

    Meanwhile, the bnei Amelek are laughing.

  2. 700 or 7,000 police are not going to help
    Unfortunatly our muslim freinds #1 target is and will be the new World trade Center , the day the last brick is up

  3. Trying to make some sense of this. A million officers cannot defend themselves against a plane going into a building!!!!!
    If the terrorists want to come up with something unconventional… me….adding more and more officers will do nothing to stop them.
    The idea of having men in uniform certainly does not scare them away…it is merely something that makes US (at least,let me talk myself into this) feel better.
    We all know that we need Rachmei Shumayim if and when these people want to try and take us out again…..never underestimate the enemy. They are lurking everywhere.

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