Freudian Slip: Gov. Cuomo Nearly Refers To Himself As President

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Freudian slip may have shown Friday when he nearly referred to himself as “President Cuomo.”

“Why didn’t you listen to President — Andrew — Cuomo,” the governor was forced to quickly correct himself, “when he said 11 times there were other states that have Green Lights Laws?”

Cuomo made the comment during a coronavirus press briefing in Albany while discussing the federal government’s abandonment of a lawsuit banning New Yorkers from being included in the federally run Trusted Traveler programs.

The Democratic governor has been cast into the national spotlight — and at times has thrust himself into it — throughout the coronavirus pandemic, and has often been mentioned as a potential presidential candidate.

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  1. and he talks about Trump’s EGO !!!!!! at least Trump helped the American people, the economy, the unemployed, the minorities, etc., etc.

    with Dictator Cuomo you’ll find elderly people dead in nursing homes, businesses shut down, bankruptcies galore!!!!!!


  2. How can we allow a governor that murdered thousands of elderly by sending covid 19 patients into nursing homes, to become President?!

  3. The nursing homes will be Cuomo’s Bridgegate. Up until then, I actually thought he would be the most decent candidate the Dems were capable of producing. A shame.

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