Freud’s Great-Granddaughter Backs Palestinians

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Fashion designer Bella Freud (born 1961), great-granddaughter of the founder of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freund, acknowledges her Jewishness but expressed pro-Palestinian leanings in scarves produced by her Hoping Foundation to raise funds for the youth of Palestinian refugee camps.

Scarves designed by her company feature the Palestinian flag.

In April, Freud signed a petition asking a famous musical group to cancel a planned visit to Israel.

“Please do what artists did in South Africa’s era of oppression: stay away, until apartheid is over,” the letter appealed.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. She has also sued those exposing Freund’s crazy theories about nosebleeds and butchery he committed when trying to prove it. She’s a nutcase, as was he

  2. She desperately needs to lay down on a couch and express her feelings, describe her dreams, and vent her childhood frustrations to a psychoanalyst of her choice.

  3. No worries! All those who have sacrificed Torasainu Hokodosha for her mesorah in the form of social work and therapists will ” re-frame” your thought process and explain her position.

  4. She’s the daughter of Bernardine Coverley, a Catholic woman, which makes her non-Jewish. So who cares if she raises funds for Palestinians as she’s no different than other goyim and other Jew haters?

  5. It’s amazing how the only non-islamics going out of the way, to support “The Palestinian Cause” are Jews (or so called Jews). As if the only cause left are the poor Palis…
    Is it something with self hate that these are suffering, is it childhood trauma? Perhaps Dr Freud would have had an answer for people like her and others like Finkelstein, Chomsky, etc. J Street, Btselem, the list goes on…


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