From Happy Newlywed, To Alone In The World

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“Hi, my name’s Chedva. I’m a 28 year old mom living in Beitar with my two amazing kids, Ayala (8) and Yosef Shalom (7).

Unfortunately at this time I am raising my kids alone. Their father is not part of the picture. He does not send any support. I do my best to make it work by myself. My family lives out of the country and is also not able to help.

I work hard at my job but what I make just isn’t enough to make ends meet, and my hours are limited because I have to be home with my kids when they get back from school, and I can’t afford babysitting. It seems like it’s not possible to do this on my own but as a mother I know I will do absolutely anything I can to help my kids. That is how it has come to this – asking you for help.

We are behind on rent and are being told that we will be kicked out. We have nowhere to go.

Please, help me & help my kids. And Hashem should bless you with health, parnassah, and nachas from your own children.

From the bottom of my heart thank you


Those who are able to help Chedva, Ayala, and Yosef Shalom can do so here, via their emergency fund.



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