Baltimore Yeshiva Teacher Marks 75 Years – 27,000 School Days – In Classroom


paul-millerWhen Franklin D. Roosevelt was president and a loaf of bread cost about 8 cents, Paul Miller began teaching. That was 1934, and the 93-year-old Miller has been teaching math ever since.

Miller currently teaches calculus at Baltimore’s Yeshiva Ner Yisroel High School and has been instructing students in private and public schools, from elementary to college, for 75 consecutive years.

That covers a span of an estimated 27,000 school days.

“I think if I stop, I’d rust apart,” Miller said.

He has taught for 51 years at Ner Yisroel and has taught thousands of Maryland students with his trademark stress-free, mellow style.

“He just keeps going and going, learning more new tricks and new things to teach his kids,” said the school’s principal, Jacob Schuchman.

Students at the school have fathers and grandfathers who were taught by Miller.

“Mr. Miller has remained steady through the years,” said student Gavi Guttman, 16. “Not one generation, not two generations, but three.”

Miller is the son of Lithuanian immigrants. His mother was illiterate, and his father was an indentured servant and self-taught math expert.

When Miller first started teaching, he made copies with a jellygraph, which involved the transfer of an original to a pan of gelatin or a gelatin pad. He recalled the Reynolds ballpoint pen as an invention that helped him.

Family members said Miller has never been officially recognized for his decades of work.

“It’s not going to affect our lives one way or another, but it would be really nice for his grandchildren to appreciate a grandfather who had this remarkable achievement,” said his daughter, Lisa Miller.

Paul Miller’s children have made a case with Guinness World Records that he has the longest career as an accredited teacher.

Guinness currently recognizes a Brazilian woman who started teaching at age 12 and taught 96 years.

Miller said he’s OK with that. “I’m already in a book of records. I’m in the telephone book.”

His son, Jeffrey Miller, said, “He feels like he is the wealthiest man in the world. He’s always taught us, ‘A wealthy man is happy with his lot in life.'”

Paul Miller said he believes deeply that a man who loves his job will never work a day in his life.

He has taught at Southern High School, the former City High School, Hopkins, Loyola, Essex, Catonsville Community College and others, Weiner reported.

“I’d like to go on for a long time,” he said. “Who knows?”

{WBALTV/Noam Newscenter}


  1. To #1 and #3. What does it matter if he is frum or not. They are just acknowledging him. This is why klal yisroel is in this matzav, because everyone is so quick to judge based on what is on the outside. Why don’t you work on yourself before judging others. Just because you title yourself “frum” doesn’t mean you are really holding at a certain madreiga. Many people wear “B&W” but spread loshon hora like wildfire. Let’s work on being less judgemental and more caring for others.

  2. a good math teacher is a treasure and who cares if he’s frum or not?! My son’s has a math teacher who is not frum and the school is very happy with him. He knows his stuff and knows how to teach. He has no problem with controlling the boys and they learn.

  3. define “frum”, does sending your daughter to a Bais Yaakov count as frum?
    but if frum also means being careful about dan l’kaf zechus and motzei shaym rah….I’m just saying!


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