Frum Boxer and Semicha Student Yuri Forman Loses Title


yuri-formanFrom a  NY Daily News report: In one of the most bizarre fights in recent memory, Miguel Cotto beat junior middleweight champion Yuri Foreman in the first boxing match at the New York Yankees’ home in almost 35 years.Cotto won by TKO in the ninth round, capping a brutal assault on a limping Foreman, who is a frum Jew from Brooklyn who is studying to get semicha.

The fight was halted in the seventh round after Foreman slipped and injured his knee, prompting someone in his corner to throw a towel in the ring.

But referee Arthur Mercante Jr. angrily tossed the towel right back out – and the fight continued with the Puerto Rican star assaulting an almost defenseless Foreman.

The chaos in the ring whipped the crowd into a frenzy.

Not everyone was as impressed with the fight.

“It’s the worst I have ever seen in my 38 years of promoting boxing,” said Aaron Braunstein. “The referee lost control of the fight. This is a tragedy to boxing. It looked like the Three Stooges.”

Earlier, more than 20,700 fans streamed into the stadium, hoping to witness the sort of epic outdoor slugfests fought in the Yankees’ homes from the 1920s to the 1970s.

{NY Daily News/Noam Newscenter}


  1. when a jewish person supports boxing as a sport he is saying that he is prepared to be boxed out in a real fight C”V

  2. It is important news! If he was a irreliogious jew this would be no big deal. However he is frum, conducts himself with derech eretz. ALways with tzitzis out, head covered. The fact that they it became publicized the fact that the fight had to start late because of shabbos is a kiddush hashem. Yuri is a real ben torah. With all the questions about the frumkeit of boxing, it does not take a way from hisd yiddishkeit. Chazak Veamatz!

  3. Yuri fought bravely, he refused to quit despite his injury, he was gracious in defeat, and won himself more fans at the end than he started with.
    Oh, and for 1,2,3, he earned 750K for this fight. He learns to be a Rabbi and supports himself as all our greatest leaders did, from Avraham to Moshe to Rambam, many also at great personal risk to themselves. He has nothing to be ashamed of, and Matzav is to be commended for publishing his story.

  4. It’s a boxing match. People get hurt. It’s kind of the definition of the job.

    There’s enough real anti-semitism in the world that you don’t have to manufacture any.

  5. Saw Yuri interviewed. nice boy…but maybe Hashem is telling him now…Yuri….take your sport elsewhere….take your courage, enthusiasm, will power, strength and use it where it counts….toward a higher goal…mitzvos…!

  6. Here there’s a guy who wants to make an honest living, and people run to condemn him? This is really mixed up.

  7. And what about the long-term risk to his health? “Punch-drunk” isn’t just a figure of speech – it describes permanent brain damage caused by boxing. We should encourage him in this foolishness so he can develop Parkinson’s Disease before he’s fifty?

    Please. Have rachmonus on his neshamah. Let the non-Jews beat each other up. We should know better.

  8. Matzav, I’m disappointed. Not with the article, but with the accompanying picture. This is inappropriate for a website that promotes itself as upholding Torah ideals.

  9. Yuri….take it from here. If you are so talented and dedicated to your sport, Hashem will help you find something less dangerous and honorable that will assist you in your life and parnassa. You can then dedicate yourself in the same manner and be successful, without getting your head bashed in as #11 said and suffer like Ali did.
    After you will get your smicha,which he said he is aiming for, you will have a different path laid out for you. Dedicate yourself to those ideals and Hashem will help you. You will gain honor in a far more dignified elevated way!!!
    Go Yuri…..go towards where your soul is leading you!!!

  10. Yuri’s a good frum yid like anybody else he keeps shabbos ,kosher ,and all the mitzvos he’s geting smicha he needs a parnosa to support his family like evrybody else so he boxes there’s nothing wrong it’s like a bussiness and btw if your so frum so your against the sport of boxing keep it to yourself you don’t have to be mevaze another yid because of your frumkiet and yuri if you see this text me @ 2094369607 I’m A big fan of yours keep on going


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