Frum Brooklyn Girl Injured After Running Into City Bus

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mta-bus1An 11-year-old girl was shaken up after running into a city bus in Williamsburg yesterday. The girl smashed her face into the side of a B48 bus when she darted out from between two parked cars on the corner of Lorimer Street and Marcy Avenue at 9:37 a.m., said a spokesman for the MTA.

“She was scared,” said R’ Yaakov Lefkowitz, the girl’s father. “She was bleeding from her nose and mouth.”

The girl was taken to Bellevue Hospital by a Hatzolah ambulance in stable condition, sources said.

May she have a refuah sheleimah.

{NY Post/ Newscenter}


  1. response to comment #5-if she were not frum, we would be reading and commenting on it on Yahoo News, not a Jewish frum websight. If you are a parent I would assume that anything that happens to your children or family effects you more than the children of your friends or neighbors even if you a a wonderful caring person. We also care and are concerned for all children, but yes, it makes more of an impact on us if it is someone who we identify more closely with. To make such a comment insinuating that frum people don;t care about things that happen to people that are not frum or Jewish is either plain stupid, or you are trying to provoke us.


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