Frum Couple Sues Spirit Airlines After Staffer Called Them ‘Retarded Jews’

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Yisroel and Chana Sternberg are suing Spirit Airlines alleging that a flight attendant racially discriminated against them spouted antisemitic hate towards them on a flight to Fort Lauderdale from Newark Liberty International Airport in January.

When the  couple was told they could not board with the infant car seat they had brought, even though the couple had bought an extra seat on the plane to accommodate the child,  Yisroel, who was seated separately from his wife, got up to assess the situation.

The flight attendant told Yisroel to “shut up” and move back to his original seat, according to the civil rights and defamation suit, which is asking for an unspecified compensatory and punitive damages for personal humiliation, loss of capacity for enjoyment of life, mental anguish and embarrassment.

Another passenger told the couple that he heard the flight attendant refer to them as “the retarded Jews.”

“At that point, it all becomes crystal clear to the Sternbergs. The flight crew of the flight was discriminating against them because the Sternbergs were Jewish,” the lawsuit said.

Spirit Airlines declined to comment on the ongoing litigation.

Read more at Times of Israel.



  1. The purpose of suing is an attempt to receive financial compensation. The detriment in so doing is that the case is nearly impossible to win and the ramifications for having brought the lawsuit are likely to be felt by all Orthodox or Orthodox looking Jews r’l. It’s always worthwhile to forecast the reactions to our actions.

    • Dear late night 12:34am, it is fools like you who cause attacks against frum people, by setting us up as a soft target. Sometimes you have to resist, even in golus. They will settle out of court, just because of bad publicity for the airline. And if the airline is dumb enough to proceed to trial, there’s still 80% chance of the frum victims prevailing. Only because there is a 20% chance of having an antisemite like you on the jury.

  2. There are still neanderthals in the world. I was recently asked by a “hick” from the Ozarks why I wear a black beanie on my head. When my friend told him that I was a Jew, he said “A Jew? What’s a Jew?” After briefly explaining to him what a Jew is he reached over and lifted my Yarmika and asked me if I had horns on my head. He was not hostile just curious. He honestly never met a Jew in his life but he heard about Jews at his church. He was respectful after this incident because now he knew. I met many like him during my service in the Army during the Viet Nam Era. We need to educate people as to what a real Jew is.

  3. not bogus. I would sue. There are laws to protect people from discrimination and harassment. Their there for a reason. and they deserve to be compensated. (nezek, tzar, ripui, sheves, “BOSHES”!)

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