Frum Girl Is Finalist In Google Doodle Contest

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johanna-robinson-googleJohanna Robinson, an eleven-year-old student at Torah School of Greater Washington, is gaga over Google.

Robinson, a fifth grader from Silver Spring, Maryland, is vying to win a $50,000 technology grant for her school and a $30,000 college scholarship.

More than 114,000 children from kindergarten through grade 12 drew pictures using the search engine’s logo. The theme for this year’s contest was: “If I could travel in time, I’d visit . . .”

This week, finalists from each state were chosen. The drawing of the national winner will appear on the Google site and on Crayola’s box of 64 crayons.

Johanna’s drawing is Maryland’s representative in the contest. It celebrates crafts including crocheting and sewing of the kind that her ancestors in Hungary did. Johanna is now very talented at needlework, although she admits that the first scarf she crocheted “wasn’t very good.” She would like to get a needlework lesson from people “whose livelihoods centered on this unique talent.” The G in her drawing is a basket holding yarn.

The national winner will be chosen May 17 and the winning doodle will be on the Google home page May 18. Through Thursday, you can vote for your favorite doodle at www.

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. Toeivah Marriage has been banned in North Carolina! Will Matzav report it? No. Wow, what strength you show! A real Torah website.

  2. #1, comments like yours make me SICK! For 2 reasons: 1) this girl is in the top 50 finalists (out of 114,000 applicants FYI) for doodle4google and slated to win 50 grand for herself and 30 grand for her school! And you can’t give her the chance for her to shine?!? Let’s see YOU do a better drawing!!! 2) I think it’s DESPICABLE and perverted for you to even THINK about the topic that you wrote about when the article was talking about an 11 YEAR OLD GIRL!!! maybe think about whose gonna be reading these comments before you write them!!!

  3. I checked out the site. I find it very hard to choose a google doodle that I think is best. They are all so amazing! Such creative talent! WoW!

  4. I work with Johanna’s dad and he is so proud of this accomplishment that his excitement is contagious! I was thrilled to vote and solicit more votes for Johanna and we had our fingers crossed. You’ll get’em next year! It was wonderful to hear that the trip to NYC was such a thrill and I hope to get to see some photos. Congratulations Johanna!!! woo hoo


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