Frum GOP Aide Saves Choking Congressman’s Life

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congressman-ted-poeNick Muzin is the Orthodox Jewish aide of  Congressman Ted Poe has vigorously ripped the government for its injustice against Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin. Here is a fascinating story via NRO:

Thursday night at the Capitol Hill Club, Representative Ted Poe had a scary choking incident and was thankfully aided by a doctor-turned-GOP-aide, Nick Muzin, who may have saved his life.

Poe was eating dinner alone downstairs at the Club’s Grill when he began choking on a piece of popcorn. Representative Matt Salmon and an unnamed lobbyist both tried to dislodge the food with the Heimlich maneuver, but were unsuccessful.

Poe was not able to breathe, and Salmon and the lobbyist called 9-1-1 and began to shout for a doctor. Several minutes had elapsed, and the situation was quite serious, witnesses said.

Muzin, coalitions director for the House Republican Conference and also a physician who keeps his medical license active and sometimes practices, rushed over to help. He delivered the Heimlich maneuver, which has to be administered at just the right position and in an upward thrusting manner, helping dislodge the food.

Poe began breathing again and regained his composure, staying to finish his meal.


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