Frum Jew in Critical Condition After Brooklyn Drive-By Shooting

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shooting-flatbushPolice are investigating a drive-by shooting in Brooklyn overnight that left one man in critical condition. The incident happened in the Midwood section of Brooklyn on East 17th Street, near Avenue K, just before 1:45 this morning. He was shot in the left shoulder, and the bullet traveled into his midsection.

He was rushed by Hatzolah to Kings County Hospital. He was listed in critical condition, but was expected to survive.

Police were looking for a green or gray Mazda CX9 that fled the scene.

No arrests were immediately made and police did not have a motive, other than the shooting appeared to be a dispute on the street.

Local residents who gathered following the shooting identified the man as a black Orthodox Jew who is well-known in the area.

{WABC/ Newscenter}


  1. It seems like there’s a conspiracy against black frum yidden, first R Yoseph Robinson and now this. Right before the kvittel.Yoimar Ltzaroisainu Dai!!!

  2. They were both black and orthodox. The assailant took cover in one of the many mosques that surround the Jewish neighborhood of multi-million dollar homes. Now, my not only confused but also obvious ignorant friend, do you feel better and safer living in Brooklyn? Come home before it’s too late!

  3. There is something fishy, that both blacks that were shot in the area knew and associated with their assailant/shooters. It was reported in the press that even Mr. Robinson had met his murderer nightly to “schmooze” together.

    Do we really know who these black geirim are?

    By the way, how come community is not reating same way with this black ger as it did with Mr. Robinson. The silence is deafening.

    Maybe I have it all wrong, but the questions need answering.

  4. it says that the residents who gathered AFTER the shooting identified the man 2 b jewish. so obviously it was the victim because they were’nt at the scene 2 be able 2 c the shooter.

  5. Are the NYPD going to cover this one up as well? Oh, the victim was black. Right, they have to report it. Shucks! Cops are a waste of tax dollars!


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