Frum Kidney Donor on 9/11: “I Want to Give On a Day When So Many Lost Their Lives”

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Two Kidney Transplants Today
Case #1 in New York
Kidney Donor: Brocha bas Aliza
Recipient: Boruch Meir ben Leah
When today’s donor Robert was asked “what inspired you to donate”? His reply was “I know so many people in my Teaneck community who have donated. There are people on my block. There are people at Shul. Everywhere I go there are people in my community who have donated. Additionally, I saw the tremendous transformation my Rabbi had after he received a kidney transplant”. The Teaneck community is truly a shining example of one person inspiring the next person in a chain of kindness.
Reflecting on today being 9/11, Robert said “I want to give life on a day that so many people lost their lives”.
The recipient Charles, is part of the Sephardic Jewish community. This morning he mentioned that he had a brother who was a tremendous Torah scholar who passed away earlier this year. Today is his deceased brother’s birthday. He emotionally exclaimed that this shows him that his brother is assisting him get a new life from the next world.
Case #2 in Toronto
Kidney Donor: Mordechai ben Sura Velka
Recipient: Avraham Zvi ben Sima
Max is a 38 year old father of 4. Two years ago Max attended a Renewal event that was held to find a kidney donor for the wife of a client of Max. Max attended the event to show his support for his client, and then decided to be tested to see if he was a potential donor for the client’s wife. Unfortunately, he was not a match for her. However, a few weeks later Renewal Toronto contacted Max and told him that he was a match for another kidney patient in Toronto. After speaking with his wife and obtaining her support, Max agreed to be tested because he and his wife felt that his being a match showed the clear will of Hashem. Max went through the medical testing, passed with flying colors, and then waited until the recipient finished his year at yeshiva in Israel.
Avraham, the recipient, is a 21 year old yeshiva bochur who loves learning Torah. At birth, his parents were told that his survival was precarious. During childhood he aready knew that he would eventually need a kidney transplant. He never complained about his difficult situation. He has a strong faith in Hashem, and believes that he was meant to be born the way that he was, and that Hashem would protect him. This challenge has brought his family closer to Yiddishkeit and strengthened their emunah (faith). He and his family are full of gratitude to the selfless donor who will today be giving him the gift of life.
B”H Kidney transplants have a great success rate however as with everything we do in life we need to have Siyata dishmaya that it be successful. Please take the time to be mispallel and say Tehillim for the success of the kidney transplants.


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