Frum Man in Critical Condition After Accident, Wife Having Baby Any Day Now

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Until the accident, Yonatan was a husband, father, hard worker, and G-d fearing Jew. One day, on his way to work to make a living for his family, Yonatan is learning on a bus, but in one turn there is a stopped car attending to a roadside accident. The bus turns, it’s too late to brake, the driver has to make an instant decision: ram into the car ahead, or swerve and try to avoid it. The driver swerves and all at once the bus, and Yonatan’s life, are turned upside down. Yonatan feels gravity stop, then his heart, his body braces for impact almost without realizing. Then crash, everything comes down, his body, shards of glass, scrap metal, and as quickly as it started, everything goes black.


​Yonatan, wakes up to the sound of sirens, a sound that will become achingly familiar to him in the coming weeks he will spend at the hospital. Going in and out of surgeries and ICU, it soon becomes apparent that he has sustained long term injuries. He is critical but stable. He cannot work. Despite this he pushes forward, he has every reason to because his wife is due to have a baby any day now. It is a shining light at the end of a dark and painful tunnel, it is the motivation he needs to keep going, but it is also a looming fear.


What little savings Yonatan and his wife had, ran out months ago. They have no idea how they are going to pay for hospital bills upon hospital bills and all the baby’s needs and the rest of their family as well. The weight of it is enough to crush a person, but Yonatan and his wife only think of the baby and their family.

Help a family who needs your support to overcome difficulties many of us never have to.



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