Frum Man Stabbed In Lakewood

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A frum man was stabbed this morning in Lakewood in what appears to be an unprovoked attack. According to reports, the incident occurred around 9 AM Tuesday morning, after a woman approached the victim and randomly stabbed him.

The victim then grabbed the knife from the woman and chased her, prompting calls to 911 saying that a Jewish man was assaulting a black woman. Police arriving on scene quickly established order and determined that the woman had attacked the frum man, rather than the other way around. The woman, who is emotionally-disturbed and known to authorities, was taken into custody.

The victim was transported by EMS to a local hospital with several minor cuts and is expected to fully recover.

Detectives are on scene investigating.



  1. No no no. This was clearly a Corona case. Everything that happens in this world is because of Covid 19. Don’t let the rodfim and rotzchim distract you. It’s a chiyuv to be maaser on them.

  2. Being a soft target is not the same as being low profile in golus. The street animals prefer to attack those that don’t fight back. Each time we don’t physically defend ourselves, we cause more attacks on us. Our community should get more friendly with legal firearms and other means of physical self-defense. Surveillance is great to have, but it’s not a deferent; the criminals are not necessarily afraid of conviction and imprisonment, but getting hurt by a defending would be victim – now, that makes them think twice. We can still be low profile in golus, while not making ourselves a soft target.

    • I visited Chicago in 1957 and remember a similar incident. After supper I will have a little apple sauce, I can talk to you about this later.

  3. The posted videos seem to indicate that the woman continued to try to stab the man (ergo he did NOT take her knife). What he does appear to dois to take a scisors or box-cutter or knife of his own out of his back pocket and try to keep her at bay.


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