Frum Man’s ‘Suspicious Device’ On NJ Transit Bus Was A Clock, Police Say

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nj transitMarlboro, NJ – The suspicious device that prompted an evacuation of an NJ Transit bus Thursday morning on Route 9 was a small travel clock, police said.

The bus was on its way to Lakewood from Newark when Marlboro police stopped it at around 8:30 a.m. on Route 9 near Robertsville Road, said Jim Smith, a NJ Transit spokesman.

As passengers were exiting the bus at various stops along the route, several people alerted the driver that they noticed a suspicious device on the lap of a man, Marlboro police chief Bruce Hall said.

Hall said the man had just got off a flight from Israel and was heading to see his family in Lakewood, and had a clock on top of his lap that he was using to tell time.

“He had very little rest and he was trying to be on time to visit his family,” Hall said, adding that the man was part of the Orthodox Jewish community in Lakewood.

Capt. Fred Reck described the clock in a press release as a “small travel style clock.”

The New Jersey State Police said in a tweet said that it assisted Marlboro police with the investigation, which has all lanes shut down near the intersection of Robertsville Road.

Authorities commended the passengers onboard the NJ Transit bus for speaking up.

“High 5 to citizens reporting suspicious activity on bus,” the New Jersey State Police tweeted. “No threat, but that’s the way it’s supposed to work. See something say something.”

Hall said, “Unfortunately in these times, people are on edge but it’s better to say something.”

There were 15 passengers on the bus when it was stopped, and they were transported to another bus, Smith said.

Route 9 was shut down in both directs for a couple hours. Marlboro police led the investigation with the assistance of the State Police bomb unit and NJ Transit officials.

Traffic was reopened at around 10 a.m. after a NJ Transit K-9 dog cleared the bus, Smith said.


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  1. So they immediately realized it was a clock, but the road was shot down for hours?! Did they really need a bomb sniffing dog; even if yes, did it take hours to deliver the dog? Looks like a case of cops getting an ego boost from stopping the traffic, overtime pay must be a factor too.

  2. it’s certainly not anti semitic. we have become so paranoid because of recent (and not so recent) events that our normal day to day life has literally been altered!. when the Torah describes them as “pereh odom”, it’s by no means an overstatement. this was probably a guy that just came off an overnite newark flight from israel, took the the #67 bus from the airport to lakewood and could not understand what all the commotion was about. i mean, closing off rte 9 for TWO HOURS (in both directions, no less!). maybe Trump has a point.

  3. They cannot check the “group”
    Who is responsible for terrorism That would offend them and wouldn’t be nice so someone has to be checked so the inspectors can look like they are doing their job
    Political correctness is dangerous for security

  4. Achmed can bring a contraption with wires to a school in Texas and he becomes a hero overnight and receives an “apology” from the Kenyan in the White House. Now the little runt is suing his city and school district for $15 million dollars. But an Orthodox Frum Yid can get used and abused, and gets gornisht for his tzaros. ITS ALL ABOUT RACE AND SKIN COLOR in this once great nation. For shame.

  5. A Yerushalmi type with old school tech, beautiful. And the morons on the bus can’t recognize an alarm
    Clock if it’s not part of a smart phone.

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