Frum Passengers On El Al ‘Shabbos Flight’ File Class Action Lawsuit


Frum passengers on an El Al flight who were diverted to Athens during a New York-Tel Aviv flight for fear that they would not reach Israel before Shabbos, have filed a class action lawsuit against the airline.

According to Channel 12 news, 52 passengers have filed the suit, demanding hundreds of thousands of shekels in compensation from El Al. El Al offered compensation to all 400 passengers on the flight in the form of a free round-trip ticket to any destination in Europe.

Attorney Asher Rotenbaum said the company had behaved irresponsibly and said the claimants wanted compensation for the “great anguish and distress caused,” with passengers forced to spend three days in Athens without a change of clothes and in sub-par conditions.

Read more at Times of Israel.



  1. dont fly so close to shabbos. it’s your own bad planing. it’s like holding your hand over a fire eventually you will get burned.


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