Frum Schools Got $1 Million in Federal Grants


kidsThe NY Post reports: Orthodox Jewish schools in NYC hit the jackpot when federal stimulus funds were handed out last year around the state, collecting more than $1 million through school lunch-program¬†grants, while the city’s Department of Education snared just $2 million – although it has 10 times as many students.

Records show that the state received just under $6 million late last year from the Department of Agriculture to distribute to schools enrolled in the National School Lunch Program.

The money was targeted for schools where more than 50 percent of students were eligible for free lunches, meaning the neediest.

Jane Briggs, a state education spokeswoman, said the yeshivas did well because, “based on the poverty levels in the schools, their eligibility was high.”

{NY Post/Noam Newscenter}


  1. so will there be a break in tuition? or will there be new yeshiva building going up, and the schools will add a “building fee” to the tuition?

  2. Moshe Duvid-
    Let’s do the math. I would guess that there are over 100 yeshivas on NYC. Take 1,000,000 and divide it by 100. it equals $10,000 measly dollars, or the cost of tuition for TWO children. Hardly a windfall. (or if you wish, say that there are only 50 yeshivas raising the grand total to 20 Grand per Yeshiva, or the cost of four students.
    Oh, and the cost of a SINGLE YESHIVA BUILDING cost much more then a million.


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