Frum Toronto Kids Go Gaga After Steph Curry Moves into the Neighborhood

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A basketball celebrity has settled in Toronto and the local kids are absolutely loving it.

Stephen Curry, the All-Star point guard for the Golden State Warriors and future Hall of Famer, is now living in Toronto with his wife, Ayesha, and their children.

Local Orthodox Jewish children have gotten wind of the star power in their area and they’ve been taking advantage, with some even getting to meet the basketball star and get his autograph.

However, local mosdos have expressed concern that the children should not invade the Currys privacy and have sent out notices asking that Torontonians give the Currys their space and respect their privacy.

Steph Curry has always had a connection to Canada, specifically Toronto. His father, Dell Curry, a retired basketball player, played his last three NBA seasons in Toronto and Steph’s wife was born in Toronto.

Steph’s team did not make the NBA playoffs this year, so while the NBA playoffs take place in “The Bubble” in Orlando, Steph has been spending his offseason in Canada. With all the attention he’s been getting from the locals, we’ll have to wait and see how long his sojourn north of the border lasts.

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  1. Wow. Kiddush Hashem. Me kiamcha yisroel?
    What a yiddisheh role model. The fact that the local kinderlach are running over to this moreh derech, shows the tremendous chinuch they’ve been inculcated with. Ashreichem.

    • Why are you better? Your comment is oozing with sarcasm, Ayin Raah, Lasho Hara and many more terrible things – way worse than what we are seeing in this picture. And all this during Elul no less.
      Matzav is where your hatred should be directed for posting this ‘story,’ knowing that there are people like you ready to pounce.

      • There was a poll once done among many OTD boys and girls and there was one thing that these kids all had in common. They had no interest in sports. One day, when, chas vesholom, one of their kids goes off, this might just be the reason – no outlet.

  2. First of all, anyone who has ever seen this guy shoot three-pointers knows that he actually endowed with a tremendous gift called TALENT. From an athletic standpoint, he is completely off the charts. His incredible talent is in my humble opinion a nifloas haBoray-a wonder of Hashem. Yes. It is. He swishes 45 foot three pointers with very fast, tall, strong and talented people guarding him as easily as most of us swish kichel in herring.

    Just a humble suggestion: Instead of complaining, perhaps these boys Rebbe’s should study what it takes to do what he does and give the boys lessons in the incredible nifloas haBoray of the human body-the human eye, peripheral vision, focus, stamina, speed, balance–its literally billions of miracles happening every time he shoots the basketball. Hashem is EVERYWHERE… even on the basketball court.

    K’siva v’chasima tova and a gut gebentched yor to all.

    • That’s a little of a stretch. There is no need to be dan licaf zchus on a goy. We know what NBA players do on their off time when they travel for games. Not for this website. Not for a Ben Torah. You want to find inspiration? Go into your backyard. Or take a walk on Ocean Parkway and observe the trees lining the side of the road. Don’t try to spin the lowest of low creatures, balleiy taava players into something positive. Admit that these players are not role models and anyone with eppes ah bissel yiras shomayim shouldn’t follow them at all.

  3. Although I don’t believe in idolizing sport athletes, you can’t take away a the natural excitement for a kid who follows sports (discuss with you own michanech about that) to not be excited. All of you older folks, please don’t forget what it was like when you were a young child. However, I also do believe that since people might drive him crazy, that they should try to give him his space. Lastly, nothing is done by coincidence, and the main thing is to make a Kiddush Hashem.

  4. My teenage children tell me that kids aren’t professional into sports like they used to be .

    i have a son in a Yeshiva for the “not so motivated to learn’ types and he says that out the almost twenty bochurim in his class there isn’t a single one who follows or cares about professional sports.

  5. Wat a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing. Maybe hook him up with kupat ha’ir. They could make him their new poster child. Who needs Uman….lets go to Toronto for Rosh Hashana

  6. To all of the Haredi “masmidim” who are leaving negative comments on this post:

    Stop the stupidity. These are young teenagers. They are allowed to, and should be encouraged to have some means of fun and entertainment. What do you want, that they should only look up to those in “Kli Kodesh”, and that everyone else is “tumah”?

  7. This is a disgusting article. These are not the kids that are being accused of harassing him. Their faces should NOT be associated with the negative story. These children and families are being shamed now because of this wide spread stupidity. They happened to see this player outside his home he is renting. They didn’t knock on his door. They happened to see him outside. I know these special special in this photo. This is shaming them. Whoever posted this on this site has huge din ve’cheshbon in shemayim espeically during Elul and right before Rosh hashana. These are children. So what if they like a basketball player kids. These are kids.


    • No one in their right mind would think the kids in the picture is the issue.

      I do have an issue of anyone knocking on their door unannounced. Totally uncalled for and totally agree with the school.

      If you see him in the grocery or in the street yes go ahead and say hello and that’s it. No autographs… The more he is hounded the quicker he will find a more quieter place.

      Make this a Kiddush Hashem. Be nice. Give him and his family their privacy while being good neighbors. If not it won’t be good. It would be great when next year they ask him in an interview how was your summer? It should be positive and it will be great for all.


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