Frum Unity at the Convention

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By Yisroel Besser

As the political conventions wind down, I feel the need to express the following.

Starting with Jake Turx, who created a special chat for minyan, to kosher food, sharing creds, and the various frum media who all helped each other out, the experience at the Republican National Convention was one long kiddush Hashem.

In a climate of hate and division, we saw what true unity means: not for a party, but for life itself.

I saw people who work for different, even competing publications and sites offer assistance and advice. It was kind of thrilling, a great reminder of the reality: different publications, one Boss for all of us.

Yisroel Besser is a contributing editor at Mishpacha Magazine.



  1. No such thing as frum unity. The most restrictive views always win out. Look how many litvaks eat non glatt meat? Basicly none because all the non glatt meat went out of business or changed to glatt kosher. Jewish unity comes with the cost of family minhagim!

  2. Your headline makes it sound like Frum Unity is at the Democratic Convention since that is the one currently taking place. This article would have been appropriate to post while the Republican Convention was taking place. In the alternative, the headline should have been more clear and specified that the “Frum Unity” took place at the Republican Convention. Until someone clicks and reads the entire article, the impression is that the Kiddush Hashem is taking place at the DNC. Therefore, your headline is misleading and clarification is in order.


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