Frum Woman Earns UN Internship


un-united-nationsNaomi Avraham, a 21-year-old chareidi lady from Yerushalayim who speaks Chinese, Yiddish, English and Hebrew, has been admitted into a prestigious United Nations program open to only a few candidates.

As part of the program, she will serve for two months this summer as an intern as part of the United Nations’ budget office at the Department of Field Support (DFS) for peacekeeping missions.

According to Foreign Ministry figures, only 200 people from all around the world are admitted into the internship out of thousands of candidates. The Ministry issued publications calling on Israeli students to apply for the program.

Naomi is part of a family of 10 members. She graduated from Bais Yaakov and is about to complete her accounting studies at the charedi branch of Machon Lev, a division of the Jerusalem College of Technology.

Her grandfather lived in China and traded there. “I decided to study Chinese because I think it’s at least as important as English,” Naomi says.

One of the main reasons for her admission into the UN program is her knowledge of four languages.

Read more at Ynet News.

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  1. Going to the UN? Why bring your talents to that cesspool? If you do go, please give Bunkhead a kick from me!


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