Frum Woman Hit by Lightning in Catskills in Stable Condition


lightning-catskillsPolice say that a Lakewood, N.J. woman injured by lightening on Morningside Lake Sunday afternoon is in stable condition at Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla. Mrs. Laya Feiner, 23, and┬áher would-be rescuer, Devin Corbett, 23, of Loch Sheldrake were both injured after lightening struck near a boat stranded about 20 yards from shore. Mrs. Feiner’s condition improved overnight and she remains in critical, but stable condition, Fallsburg police say.Corbett’s condition also had improved last night, police say. He was complaining of vision problems. As of last night, his vision was better and he was alert and stable at Westchester, police say.

Mrs. Feiner was in a boat with three others and was stranded as a storm blew through the town park in the Town of Fallsburg around 4 p.m.

Corbett paddled out in a rowboat to assist. According to witnesses, as Corbett was helping Mrs. Feiner, lightening hit the water and both were thrown into the lake.

Lifeguards dragged them to shore. Feiner wasn’t breathing and Corbett was breathing with trouble. Their pulses were restored by the time firefighters and ambulance arrived.

Mrs. Feiner and Corbett were taken to Catskill Regional Medical Center, and were eventually transferred to Westchester.


{ Newscenter}


  1. i heard the woman’s 12-year-old sister jumped into the lake and saved her, not the lifeguards. And then Hatzalah saved her, with the defibulator. From her aunt.

  2. As the mother of one of the lifeguards (Joe Drobysh) I can tell you that it was the lifeguards, and not the 12 yr old sister that pulled those boats ashore and started CPR. The two victims struck by lightening did not fall into the water. They were struck and fell back into their boats. If not for the courageous workers who risked their lives going into the water during this storm to pull the boats ashore and then performing CPR, neither of them would be alive today. Some people should really get their facts straight.


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