Frum Woman Struck by Lightning in Catskills


sullivan-countyA frum woman was by lightning in Sullivan County this afternoon at Morningside Lake in the Brickman Road area in Fallsburg, NY. The 22-year-old woman frum Lakewood, NJ, became stranded on a row boat with three other people.

20-year-old Devin Corbit, a Morningside Park worker, went out in his row boat at about 3 p.m. to assist the stranded people and a lightning strike knocked the two into the water. They were rescued by lifeguards and rushed to Harris Hospital (Catskill Regional Medical Center). Both are said to be in extremely critical condition after suffering cardiac arrest.

Catskill Regional Medical Center then transferred the pair to Westchester Medical Center for more treatment.

All are asked to say Tehillim for Leah Nesha bas Baila Malka l’refuah sheleimah.

{ Newscenter/WABC}


  1. Why not also suggest that Devin Corbit the worker who went out to rescue the stranded woman and was also struck by lightning be included in our Tehillim?

  2. Please keep Devin in your Tehillim. Leah Nesha bas Baila Malka, is in the prayers of all the rescuers that responded to the scene as well as many community members in both Hurleyville and Loch Sheldrake. We hope the best for her and her family

  3. A not Frum Yid once asked the Steipler Zt”l to Daven for his sick dog. The Steipler told him that he needs the mothers name!!!


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