Full Video: Donald Trump Town Hall Interview With Sean Hannity Last Night

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Following his big win in the South Carolina primary, GOP front-runner Donald Trump joined Sean Hannity last night for a full hour in a special edition of Hannity.




  1. Let’s try not to create an Obama who hates Israel.
    If we show we appreciate that he’s for Israel then we hope IYH that he will stay on good terms with Israel. To down him so early in the game publicly, will possibly only hurt klal Yisroel.

  2. Trump says “in G-d we trust” with his fawning ear of hate. He is not a G-dly sanity for America.

    Good guy to say a prayer in Davening about Restoring our Judges. We do not have enough hope in any society where hate drives politics and we can be stuck with a maiming hate minded mind for the president of our nation.

    I wonder daily how there can be such support for this man and any time I see a jew discuss him in any worth, I wonder how Torah could be in that jew’s life.

    Its that scary.

    Trump is not a constitutional conservative. He is an angry antisocial regulated hate of human voice and rightful conduct.

    Daven more with this in mind. There is also a prayer against the wicked. He is clearly in that place in my sanity.

    Not a man for human hope in higher office anywhere.



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