Full Video: Donald Trump’s Rousing Speech at the AIPAC Policy Conference Today

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  1. how come you have so much coverage on Donald Trump, the other candidates also spoke at aipac, where their speech? every few posts are always on trump, stop it hes a guy whos on track to ruin our country DONT HELP HIM.

  2. Donald Trump doesn’t support Israel, proof: he says once he’ll be neutral, another time he’s pro Israel and he tells everyone so and another time that Muslims hate us, how is that being neutral? obviously he doesn’t have a plan and doesn’t care about it enough to make one, like he has for illegal immigration, he’ll make a wall and that will solve everything and for healthcare he’ll get rid of the lines around the states and it will be beautiful. he has a plan for what he cares about.

  3. show Ted Cruz’s speech give Ananomom a chance to listen to someone who is really good and really pro-Israel. I can’t listen to Trump he’s so terrible.

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