FULL VIDEO REPLAY: CNN GOP Second Presidential Debate

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Carly Fiorina will appear in top-tier CNN Reagan Library debate


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  1. In reference to Jeb Bush’s contention that President G. W. Bush kept us safe (as he responded to Trumps assertion that President Bush’s failure gave us Obama), I have to say that we are in the mess which we ARE today EXPRESSLY because of President Bush’s idiotic invasion of Iraq!

    In my opinion, there would most likely BE no ISIS, if the Bush administration had not invaded Iraq, destabilizing it and creating a vacuum or void for the precursors of ISIS to fill!

    The so-called Neoconservatives took over the Bush administration and launched the Iraq Invasion, which disastrous outcome has set the stage for the the majority of the problems in the Middle East with which we are dealing today, Especially, ISIS!

  2. Bottom line: Mike Huckabee is the ONLY candidate from either party that a Ben Torah can confidently vote for. We must show the Nation that we are the Am Hanivchar. He is the only one who is a true G-d fearing man and IS NOT AFRAID TO EXPRESS HIS CONVICTIONS. I will be voting for him BE”H.

  3. Anyone bothered to read the CNN fact check on the statements made by these candidates in this debate? Might be a good idea, as several of them are providing misinformation and most Americans are lapping it up as “true facts”. Lots of bull crap!

  4. I liked the question at the end asking for a response regarding if they were president what they would change. No doubt the candidates had some idea this would be asked but Mike Huckabee struck me as giving one of the best answers in terms of being direct, realistic and humble. Ben Carson did not come on very strong at all. I also got a good laugh out of Trumps’s code word “Humble”. Perhaps he will be working on that characteristic.

  5. At the end of the debate when everyone still needed to answer on their toes, I think leadership qualities came thru with Mike Huckabee as he was direct, realistic and humble. I got a good laugh when Trump gave his code name as “Humble”. He no doubt needs to stop putting his foot in his mouth.


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