Full Video Replay: Democratic Presidential 2015 Debate On CNN, Featuring Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders

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  1. The debate was o.k.

    I am a democrat and the only one who has a decent platform is Mr. O’Malley.

    He is 100% on the money with the Glass-Steagall act being necessary to reinstate. The banking must be more friendly to human value and social simulated practical development.

    The idea of Hillary as president is sickeningly silly. She is a women living in a house with a man who has had the experience he had with another out of his vows. This is likely a woman who should have divorced. Perhaps she thinks she will stay popular with the desperate.

    Still. The others were not that important to what I think are decent values of American betterment.

    The sanity of our nation depends on a good President in Chief. Give Mr. O’Malley some time. I would like to see how he can improve in the next debate.

    Scary that this election is so poor that no one has any dignity other than a few who are trying a slightly bit for any direct American Dream.

    Our houses are too important to have latch-key manner sages in the White House.

    Sadness but hope with O’Malley!


  2. If you lived in Maryland you wouldn’t even entertain the idea of O’Malley as president. Both Democrats and Republicans have learned their lesson – O’Malley is full of ideas that sound appealing, it is his execution that is atrocious. Instead of instituting reform he simply charged everyone more for an inflated government.


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