FULL VIDEO REPLAY: Groundbreaking Event in Lakewood to Battle Abuse Head-On

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Last night, an important event on the topic of abuse was held at Lake Terrace Hall in Lakewood, NJ.

Attendees, men and women, packed the hall, while many thousands watched the event live here on MATZAV.COM.

Do you know how to talk to your children about abuse?

Do you know the proper way to discuss this sensitive issue with them?


Are you equipped to keep your children safe in today’s world?

Abuse has been a tragic and unwelcome presence in thefrum community. Last night’s event taught parents the critical skills they need to address this sensitive topic and protect their children al pi derech Torah.

The program aimed to teach attendees how to protect youth from abuse, predation and danger, and how to educate children about proper boundaries in a Torah-true fashion.

Divrei pesichah were delivered by Rav Elya Brudny, rosh yeshiva of Mirrer Yeshiva in Brooklyn.

Presentations were then made by professionals Rabbi Zev Brown and Dr. Akiva Pearlman.

This event was brought to Lakewood by Chemed, LCSC and Amudim and sponsored by Eastern Union, Gourmet Glatt and the Lightstone Group.



  1. Hi
    I’ve been abused by someone very close to me. He abused me for a very long time. I can not say enough how true every word that Dr. Akiva Perlman was saying last night about all the pain that the victims go through. I was sitting at home watching the program from my computer and was just crying through his whole speech.
    I have been through many therapists and doctors over the last six years and was never able to disclose anything about my story. All the pain, All the shame, all the GUILT that comes along with being a victim was way too much to bring up in therapy. I thought it was all my fault and am a very bad person for allowing this whole thing to happen to me.

    It was at one session a few months ago, more than ten years after my story that I finally built up the courage to say something. It wasn’t easy at all. And it’s still not easy but I’m trying my best.
    If anyone would look at me they would see a nice happy and talented man. Always smiling and cheerful but inside I have a dark deep and empty hole that I have to fill up. Inside that whole was my dark deep secret but now that I removed the secret I still have the hole. I sometimes feel like a walking shell with a nice handsome outside and a cold empty inside.
    B”H I see myself growing and healing but it’s a long process Especially being that I went through a tremendous amount of emotional abuse as a child besides for my other abuse.
    The purpose of my writing this is to plead with anyone that went through any abuse, Please please find someone to talk to about it. Find someone out there to unload and please don’t keep it inside even another day. It’s too much pain for you to hold alone.

    I’d also like to thank Amudim for all that they do. It’s a amazing organization that does amazing thing!!

    • 🙁
      B”H the frum community has made great strides in removing the stigma from the victim and placing it where it belongs, on the abuser, but there is still a long way to go.

      Yaish din v’yaish dayan – those who have committed the horrible crime of sexually abusing an innocent child and all the long term damage they’ve inflicted are destined to pay for their wickedness.

      May Hashem bless you with happiness and peace of mind.

  2. I had hoped to watch this important event. Unfortunately, it seems to have been removed from its source. I’m guessing this may have been due to the sensitive nature of the topics discussed, but I would ask that those considerations be weighed against the value of this program being seen by those who were not in Lakewood or unable to attend.


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