Fund Started to Help the Victims of Jersey City



Jersey City, drenched in a river of tears

Leah Minda Ferencz and her husband, Moshe Dovid, owned and operated a small kosher grocery in Jersey City. It was where Leah Minda, a 33-year-old mother of 3 young children, worked every day with a warm smile. It was where Leah Minda was gunned down in cold blood.

JC Kosher was the Ferencz family’s livelihood. It was where the life of the wife and mother of the Ferencz family was suddenly snuffed out. Yesterday, JC Kosher was a sign of a newborn Jewish community coming to life. Today, its Mezuzah speckled in blood, JC Kosher is sadly blanketed in the dark shroud of Anti-Jewish hate.

Moshe Hersh Deutch was a  24-year-old young man who walked into JC Kosher to do some shopping. The Mitzvah of Kosher is a how a Jew sacredly sustains, energizes, and fuels his life according to the dictum of G-d. Instead of heavenly Kosher food, hell-on-earth pierced Moshe Hersh’s body in the form of hundreds of bullets.

Miguel Douglas, 49, a worker in JC Kosher, was another victim, shot dead in the grocery aisles.

Detective Joe Seals, a 15-year law enforcement veteran and a father of five, fell in the line of duty, giving his life in protecting the innocents.

The innocents. The holies. The holiest of the holy. Now, only holes.

Every Yid is a Sefer Torah, written in divine ink on pure white parchment by the holy hand of Hakadosh Baruch Hu Himself. Today, two holy Sifrei Torah lay torn to shreds, blotted in rivers of red blood, warm, pulsating souls gunned down in cold blood.

We, their brothers and sisters; we their family and friends; we the united Jewish community; we the greater community of all righteous Americans; we the global community of good people everywhere will not stand silent as the blood of our people flows along the Hudson River!

Our holy Torah states: לא תעמוד על דם רעך, You shall not stand by your fellow’s blood. Two verses later it states: ואהבת לרעך כמוך, you shall love your neighbor as yourself.

Both verses conclude with the same words: Ani Hashem, I am G-d.

When blood flows, words suddenly dry up. All we can do is turn to Ani Hashem, I am G-d.

You shall not stand by your fellow’s blood… you shall love your neighbor as yourself.

We must love our brothers, our family, our neighbors in Jersey City by supporting them in this time of great pain and by comforting those who mourn.

Rabbi Laizer Breuer (Principal; Mosodos Greenville), Rabbi Moshe Eidles (Administrator; Mosdos Greenville) and Rabbi Moshe Schapiro (The Jewish Center-Chabad of Hoboken and Jersey City) have established the Jersey City Victims Emergency Fund in this time of unspeakable tragedy. The fund will:

  • Help support the Ferencz family who lost a wife, mother, and their complete livelihood in the JC Kosher devastation;
  • Help cover funeral costs;
  • Help renovate and reestablish JC Kosher;
  • Help establish robust security and protection in the Jersey City Jewish Community.

Hashem yikam domom. Hashem will surely avenge their blood. It is our job to comfort, support, and be there for our people Israel in this time of need!

Please go to NOW and give with a wide open heart and a wide open hand. We will not stand by our fellow’s blood; we will love our neighbor as ourselves.



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