Funding Canceled For College Of Rav Ovadiah’s Daughter

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The government’s Council for Higher Education (CHE) announced that due to debts of 5.5 million shekels and a halving of student enrollment, it would cease funding the Chareidi College founded by Rav Ovadiah’s oldest daughter, Adina Bar Shalom (born 1945), by the end of the school year. Bar Shalom was shocked.

“CHE’s decision is a slap in the face to chareidi society and to Israeli society. I refuse to accept the decision,” she told Channel 10, adding that she opened the college with Rav Ovadiah’s approval. “Unfortunately the CHE is not smart to understand the chareidi public and is damaging the important process which began with the opening of the college.”

Minister Aryeh Aryeh Deri of Shas demanded further clarification of the issue from Education Minster Naftali Bennett.

After opening in 2001 as Yerushalayim’s first chareidi college, her institute provided bachelor’s and master’s courses for men and women. Bar Shalom was awarded the Israeli Prize for Lifetime Achievement due to her advancement of higher education among the chareidi public.

A recent study found that the number of chareidi college students reached 11,000 in the past academic year and that the available programs have increased from 62 to a 110 over the past five years.

{ Israel News Bureau} 


  1. Every university/college in Israel is held to a certain standard. If they fail to reach those standards they risk getting shut down. In this case they school had too much debt and not enough students. It’s simply policy (unfortunately…)

    There are other charedi institutions out there giving opportunities for men and women to earn degrees (there is one in Bnei Brak.) That why wasn’t shut down and a person must ask why…It’s because they are meeting the criteria, this school wasn’t.

    With that said it is a shame, they really should have found a solution to get student enrolment up and settle their debts somehow. The whole thing has made it difficult for those already living in Jerusalem that want to go to school and don’t want to spend all the extra time travelling. Not to mention those around Jerusalem (Beitar, etc) that travelling to Bnei Brak is a lot harder than Jerusalem.

  2. Hypocrisy ,the chilonim complain about haredim not working, but will only fund chiloni schools and students.They don’t want us to have good paying jobs.


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