Funding For Bais Yaakov Day Care Center Restored

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brad-lander-nycBoro Park, Brooklyn – Many Boro Park families will still have somewhere safe to leave their kids, thanks to rescue funding from the CityCouncil, Councilmember Brad Lander announced today.

Bais Yaakov Day Care Center faced the likelihood of closing its doors due to budget cuts proposed by Mayor Bloomberg.
Backed by a committed coalition of children’s advocates, Councilmember Lander and other City Council Members pressed for restorations to the childcare budget. Their success in this effort will ensure that more Boro Parkchildren will receive quality child care. Boro Park is gaining an additional 300 seats from last year.

“I am thrilled that Bais Yaakov, Yeled V’Yalda, and many other organizations will be able to continue providing outstanding child care and education for hundreds of families of Borough Park,” said Councilmember Lander. “No child should be denied a safe place to go when their parents are at work.”

The City Council – under the leadership of Speaker Christine Quinn, Finance Chairman Domenic Recchia, GeneralWelfare Chair Annabel Palma, Youth Services Chairman Lew Fidler, David Greenfield, Steve Levin, Lander and others – negotiated with the Bloomber gAdministration for a restoration of over $100 million for child care.

Lander’s top priority was to preserve funding for Bais Yaakov, a day care center that has served the Boro Park community for decades.

Overall, across Councilmember Lander’s section of the Borough Park neighborhood, seats were awarded to Action Nursery, Yeled V’Yalda, Yeshiva Kehilath Yakov, and B’Above Worldwide Institute which will be partnering with a number of yeshivas.These centers, combined with the restoration of seats at Bais Yaakov, means that Borough Park will be seeing a significant increase of 300 in the number of child care spots available for the neighborhood’s children.

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  1. Brad Lander is a true friend to the Boro Park community and represents our Mosdos’ interests very well!
    As a member of the board of the Baid Yakov Day Care, I know firsthand how dedicated Brad and his Boro Park Liaison Gabi Friedlander are to the restoration of this vital program.


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