Funny Guy: Obama Jokes No One Checked His ID at the Door

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obama1Following the release of his long-form birth certificate yesterday, President Obama poked some fun at the “birther” brouhaha last night.

“My name is Barack Obama,” the president said at his final fundraising event in New York. “I was born in Hawaii,” he continued, which elicited cheers and applause from the audience of supporters, “the 50th state of the United States of America.”

“No one checked my ID on the way in,” he said. “But just in case …” Obama added and reached into his breast pocket before pulling his empty hand out and chuckling.

The president attended three fundraisers in Manhattan last night following a taping for the Oprah Winfrey Show. Obama reportedly made light of the “birther” controversy at all appearances, keeping in line with his comments earlier in the day suggesting that it had turned into a “sideshow” led by “carnival barkers.”

“Today was a fun day,” he said at one of the events.

“But it was also a serious day because part of what happened this morning was me trying to remind the press and trying to remind both parties that what we do in politics is not a reality show,” the president said, according to the poll report. “It’s serious.”

The mention of a “reality show” immediately calls to mind Donald Trump, the potential 2012 candidate/reality star/businessman who recently led the charge to pressure Obama to release his long-form certificate, though Obama did not mention him by name.

Obama suggested that the country’s politics needs to be reformed, casting the stress of the recession as partially responsible for polarizing Americans.

“And I think the hope that I have that we would start coming together in a serious way and have a serious debate about how we move the country forward has been resisted,” Obama said, according to the White House pool report. “I won’t say that the Democrats have never been at fault in that, but I will say that my administration and I think Democrats in Congress are serious about trying to solve these problems and not simply to score political points. And I think it can be done.”

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