Furious Netanyahu: ‘No Doubt’ Obama Behind UN Vote

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Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu today summoned U.S. ambassador to Israel Daniel Shapiro to discuss the U.S. abstention in a U.N. Security Council resolution demanding an end to settlement-building.

Reuters reports that Netanyahu repeated at his weekly cabinet meeting what an unidentified Israeli government official contended on Friday – that the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama had conspired with the Palestinians to push for the resolution’s adoption.

“According to our information, we have no doubt the Obama administration initiated it (the resolution), stood behind it, coordinated the wording and demanded it be passed,” Netanyahu told the cabinet in public remarks.

The White House has denied the allegation.



  1. Obama is behind the U.N. vote. And who’s behind Obama? The traitors to the Jewish people, those that support the modern Democratic party – all for their own personal perks, at the expense of Am Isroel.

  2. Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu,

    As an American Jew, I share your outrage over President Obama’s betrayal. He revived the proposed declaration after Egypt had dropped its sponsorship, then ushered through its passage via the de facto approval of his administration. Now, according to the U.N, it’s officially illegal for Jews to live in Judaism’s holiest sites, including the old city of Jerusalem. The way Obama went about this viciously racist and bigoted action was deceitful and craven; waiting until after the election, letting it be known that it wouldn’t face a U.S. veto, and then not even having the honesty to openly support it, but instead piously “abstaining”.

    Despite all this, I ask that you tone down your strident criticism of Obama and his administration. Israel needs the goodwill of the U.S. and many Americans will strongly resent the personal criticisms leveled against Obama – wrong as he may be, they don’t want to hear a foreign leader criticizing the U.S. President. This is especially true of a foreign leader whose country receives billions of dollars annually in aid. Furthermore, Obama’s term has almost another four weeks to run – he can cause further damage if he’s so inclined. He’s already shown that he’ll take his revenge for the perceived slights of Trump and Netanyahu bypassing him in their attempt to squash the resolution.

    Americans of goodwill from all across the political spectrum recognize what’s been done here by our disgraceful President and don’t need any convincing or explaining to get it. Your public blasting of Obama, much as he deserves it, may not be a good idea for the future of American – Israeli relations.
    I am optimistic that within four weeks a new, friendlier administration will be in office. Until then, hopefully Obama will have no more nasty surprises in store for us and a low profile makes it less likely that he’ll act again to harm Israel due to personal pique.

    Ah freilechen Chanuka,
    A fellow Jew

    • Your assertions are wrong. The American society is polarized enough so that those that hate Israel love Obama and those that love Israel hate Obama. The fact of criticism by a foreign leader doesn’t change anything in this political equation – the Obama lovers will continue to be anti Israel. If anything Obama blaming can actually strengthen the American Israeli relations: it throws the stab in the back blame on one man as opposed to the entire US, it further ingratiates Israel to Trump and his voters – because, believe it or not, it looks feeble and pathetic to have been stabbed in the back and turn the other cheek – no body wants a feeble unreliable ally – Netanyahu finally getting guts to criticize Obama makes Israel look like a much more reliable partner – the kind of partner that America needs in the tough Middle East neighborhood.

  3. We should be mobilizing for a march on Washington or the UN to demonstrate our support of Israel and to condemn the desertion of Israel by Obama Kerry & Co. Where are those who show up for rallies with a tallis on? Whereis the Asifas Tehillim? Why is the leading MO institution more worried about the presence of a Confederate flag than the harm caused by this resolution? We will all have to answer why we collectively failed to get out in the street in our ways and oppose the administration’s obvious role in the passage of this odious resolution which has the odors of a Nuremberg rally and assurances of “peace in our time”


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