Gaddafi: I Have Nothing Against Jews


gadhafi1The Israeli delegation of six Knesset members that visited Libya met for three hours yesterday evening with Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. MK Talab el-Sana (United Arab List-Taal) said that the meeting had been open and friendly, and that Gaddafi had agreed to their request to allow Arab students from Israel to study in Libya.

 “The Libyan leader emphasized the significance of our visit and noted that he has nothing against Jews, but against Zionism,” el-Sana said.

“We are not against Jews, but we have a problem with Zionism and Zionist leaders who oppress the Palestinians, and also you, Arabs of ’48,” Gaddafi said during the meeting, using the common Arab appellation for Israel’s Palestinian citizens. “We didn’t massacre Jews, it was the west that did that. We gave them refuge.”

The Libyan leader also said that the occupation “will bring disaster upon the Israeli entity,” adding to his guests, “We invited you because your voices are not being heard, and I want the world to hear you.”

Gaddafi repeated his vision of one state for Arabs and Jews, a vision known as “Isratine”, and said that Israel’s Arabs must “multiply” to counter any “plots” to expel them.

“Israel will never be a pure Jewish state in this region,” Gaddafi said. “Its leaders are leading it to the edge of the precipice. I think the solution is one state with elections held under UN supervision. The solution of two states for two peoples is stupid and unrealistic.”

“Zionism takes anti-Semitism in order to suppress all criticism of itself. We, a Semitic nation, and you also, fall victim to this behavior.”

Gaddafi also said that the Israeli regime, by failing to promote peace, is promoting war. “Warmongering just before elections because it helps one party or another is illegitimate; you can’t just sacrifice the lives of innocent civilians.”

The solution which will bring peace to the region, he said, is one democratic state for two peoples, the right of return for the refugees, and making the region free of nuclear weapons.

MK Ahmad Tibi (United Arab List-Taal) said, “Israel must end the occupation which began in 1967 in order to implement the vision of two states for two peoples, otherwise it will have to cope with one state – tomorrow.

“We are citizens of the State of Israel, struggling for equality which doesn’t exist, but we are also part of the Arab world and request your assistance in opening the doors of the Arab world to us, especially our students, artists, engineers and sportsmen and women. I ask for your support also in education, infrastructure, culture and sport.”

Tibi also criticized Arabs in Israel and in the Arab world, saying, “Why are we a consumerist society and not a creative society? Why isn’t there a single Arab university listed among the 500 leading universities? Why are there no translations and innovations? Where does the money go to? Why does the Arab scientist prosper and succeed abroad and not in his country of birth? And how much is invested in research in the Arab world?”

Later, Tibi said, “We met a popular and charismatic leader, who – in an unusual move – even shared the evening meal with us.”

During the meeting, el-Sana said that the Israeli occupation will end like the Italian colony in Libya, and that Israel’s settlement policy “empties the ‘two states for two peoples’ solution of all content.”

Upon landing at Tripoli, the delegation members met various senior figures from the Libyan regime. They see the visit as groundbreaking, because for years they were refused an invitation to visit any Arab state because of the Israeli passports they carry.

“Nobody wanted people to think that he is normalizing relations with Israel, so we weren’t invited,” el-Sana explained. “But a distinction must be made. We don’t need to be victims of the Arab-Israeli conflict.”

 Libya is currently the president of the Arab League, with Gaddafi at its head. “After Gaddafi was chosen, he decided that the Palestinian population in Israel deserved attention,” MK Mohammed Barakeh (Hadash) said. “From our point of view, it’s a very important meeting, as members of the Arab nation we are close to the Arab world and culture, and it’s natural that we would want to visit here.”

{Ynet/Yair Israel}


  1. If you would have told me that I would have agreed with Gaddafi, I would have said you were crazy but he is 100% right on this ! The sooner the state ceases to exist in its current form the better off ALL Jews will be! May HKBH speedily send Messiach!

  2. What he is saying is not a chidush. The Jews of the old Yishuv were happy living with the Arabs and didnt want the Zionists to interfere. When Rav Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld sent Jacob DeHaan to tell that to the Arabs, the Zionists assassinated him.

    The only reason Arabs hate Jews is because they think that Jews support Zionism. Gaddafi apparently got the message Jews were trying to tell the Arab world for the past 100 years: Jews and Zionists are 2 different things.

  3. If you read the article carefully, the Libyan leader mentions this statement to ARAB – Israelis. Actions speak louder than words, invite some JEWISH Israelis that are not “Zionists” to prove that you make a distinction!

  4. to ell the truth the goyim don`t even know what a Jew or yiddishkeit is and that has been the schus from medinas isroel .since the exclamation of this medinnah they think that yiddishkeit is a nationalety like beeing spanish or french . and what is worse is that a great number of yiddishe kinder think in the same way . the state of israel has done every effort to uproot Torah , kedushah and yiddishkeit and to replace it by a nationalety . and that brings the goyim to equal yiddishkeit with zionism , since they look on the rov which are doing a big hillul Hashem even if it is beshogeg and they don`t know what Torah realy says since there are allways these people who live like goym but claim to be yidden that tell them that they are acting jewishly .but to say how rav amnon yitzhak said : they hate us because we are jews and the zionism think is a tirutz .
    but if there wouln`t be no Zionism , no rashayim who disshonor the Torah they couldn`base their hate on no ground .


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