Gafni: Bennett is a Bum

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moshe-gafniIsraeli Religious Services Minister Naftali Bennett appointed Leah Biton to the position of co-supervisor of the local religious council in Acre. Due to political stalemate on the municipal level, a full council cannot be agreed upon and the decisionwas left to Bennett.

MK Moshe Gafni roundly blasted Bennett over the appointment

“Bennett is a bum who tries the whole time to prove that he’s not religious and is not interested in the tradition that exists in this regard,” the Hebrew Yated Neeman newspaper quoted Gafni as saying. “He hasn’t been successful at but he’s trying hard to prove he’s secular and doesn’t care about the tradition that’s been here for years. He’s not succeeding in anything he’s doing. He is looking for all kinds of headlines to get all kinds of applause like from the Chiddush organization, which proves who exactly his friends are.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. This type of language is not even acceptable in the SHTEEBLE or in the MIKVAH. Let alone in the Knesset. Obviously Minister Gafni is short on vocabulary. Perhaps he is not the man for the job.Old expression–Make sure that your brain is in gear before your mouth goes into motion.


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