Gafni: I’d Consider Law Shielding Netanyahu From Graft Charges

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 A chareidi MK on Tuesday expressed potential support for a law that would shield israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu from imminent corruption charges should he win the April 9 Knesset elections, the Times of Israel reports.
“We will go to elections and see the results. If it turns out the public trusts Netanyahu, knowing what is happening with him, we should consider a move that will prevent him being put on trial,” Gafni, member of Degel Hatorah, told Israel Radio.
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  1. mmm…. who is he protecting here.

    Chareidi Mk’s are supposed to be the mouth piece of Gedolei Yisroel.

    No once cares about their personal opinions.

    I think Gafni and his pal’s should keep their options to themselves.

    Or better yet resign so that more qualified representatives can do the job needed.

    Give it a coupe of weeks i am sure we will see them try and make a deal with Lapid.

  2. People in America are very naive . For the past 4-6 years every month or so the police with the help of the left come up with a new investigation with the sole motive to try to pull Netanyuhu down and take him out of office. Hours of his time , as well as piece of mind are stolen from him when he has to answer questions to the police investigation after investigation. Not only that but they batter Netanyuhu s family too. There should be a law that limits the number of investigations the police are allowed to do so they will think 3x over before doing investigations for the sake of trying to pull someone out of power!

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