Gafni: Jews Visiting the Har Habayis “Foolish”

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Taking a stand against those who visit the Har Habayis in violation of the p’sak of virtually every posek of recent generations, MK Moshe Gafni yesterday blamed these people for provoking the Arabs.

Gafni made his comments during an interview with Israel Radio, saying that the visits give the Arabs things to “blame Israel for,” even when those things are genuine.

“Israel is the only ruling power in Yerushalayim, and thus the need to visit the Har Habayis is unnecessary and plainly foolish.”

Jews visiting the Har Habayis have repeatedly, over the years, instigated violence amongst bloodthirsty Arabs, who have taken out their anger on Israelis.


David Steger – Israel 


  1. Those that go up to parts of Har Habais in accordance with halacha are tsadikim and makadshei H. Arabs and other goyim will try to murder us regardless of whether we go there or not – in fact, H controls whether they succeed or not, and if anything, these tsadikim are actually preventing murders by their avoida and self sacrifice.

  2. Jews that want to go up on the Temple Mount are not going to make the future of a Temple any more real and they trigger arab hate, resentment and violence.

    Lost minds.

    • Am horatsus. Chiuv koreis is for coming to the mikdash b’tuma, not for the entire mountain. Besides, there are times when one can come even to the mikdash b’ tumas meis, but not other tumos. Don’t be machmir by calling others ovrei koreis.


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