Gafni: When They Learn Torah, We’ll Serve in the Army

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moshe-gafniUTJ MK Moshe Gafni spoke to Israel Radio last night, commenting on the results of the recent election, which earned Yahadut Hatorah 7 Knesset seats, one more than in their prior government.

Gafni said that the goal of UTJ is not necessarily to be part of Bibi Netanyahu’s government coalition, but to maintain the principles of the party and its constituents. If that means being in the opposition, said Gafni, then so be it.

On the issue of military service and sharing the burden, Gafni that “one must serve in the army and learn Torah. When secular Jews begin learning Torah, then we [chareidim] will serve in the military. For now, though, we are shouldering the burden alone, since the Jewish nation cannot exist without the learning of Torah. Therefore, as long as the non-religious sector neglects its responsibility, we will continue fulfilling it on behalf of all.”

Gafni said that this has been the reality throughout the decades.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. So is he saying that all those religious folks in the army who learn torah and serve in the army are not learning torah? I guess the notion that a person can do two things in their life has not occurred to this guy.

  2. to #1
    He is talking about the non religious who don’t learn and he said they are learning extra for those people. So take your biases and put them aside for 30sec so you can read an article.

  3. #1 Mr. Noach,

    Try some reading comprehension. He is saying that we have a double load. We are shouldering the burden alone, which leaves us without time for the military.

    When the secular Jews begin learning Torah, then there can be a relief of our workload – which would allow time for army service.

  4. I am so confused why does every body ‘have to share thé burden’? Forcing all the Frum people to join the army will never happen, the intention here is to do sheirut leumi. Which is in essence telling people how to run the Yeshivas etc. Getting boys to eventually leave the Yeshivas. This entire concept is strange, which country demands such a thing? To me it appears that the whole idea is a sly intention of the m.o.s and thé secular to enter the frum society and make them assimilate.

  5. I don’t get it. There is a certain amount of manpower that the army needs, such that if some people don’t do it, others need to put in more time. But there is no such thing as a certain amount of Torah that needs to be learned|

  6. He’s saying that we can very well learn Torah AND serve in the army, as unfortunately in Galus we do need both (Think about Yaakov preparing to meet Esav – he Davened and also prepared for war)

    HOWEVER – since much of the army is not learning Torah at all, we need some of our nation to spend EXTRA time/energy learning in their stead. The folks that are learning and serving are doing theirs, but you know as well as I do that they are not the majority, so someone(s) have to do double-time in learning for the ones that do none.

  7. “2. Comment from Charlie Hall
    Time January 24, 2013 at 4:29 PM

    Good luck to Moshe Gafni. Let’s hope that supreme among the party’s principals, will be the principal of saving and defending Jewish lives.”

    I did not write this. Has someone stolen my identity here?


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