Gallup: 88 Percent Of Americans Dissatisfied With US

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Only 11% of Americans say they are satisfied with the way things are going in the U.S., according to a new Gallup poll.

The poll, conducted before Joe Biden was sworn in as president, found:

  • 3% of U.S. adults are very satisfied, 8% are somewhat satisfied, 22% are somewhat dissatisfied, and 66% are very dissatisfied.
  • 4% of Republicans are very satisfied, 9% are somewhat satisfied, 19% are somewhat dissatisfied, and 66% are very dissatisfied.
  • 2% of independents are very satisfied, 11% are somewhat satisfied, 23% are somewhat dissatisfied, and 62% are very dissatisfied.
  • 1% of Democrats are very satisfied, 4% are somewhat satisfied, 22% are somewhat dissatisfied, and 73% are very dissatisfied.
  • 30% was the average satisfaction rating during Trump’s term in office. That’s lower than the average satisfaction rating of 36% since the pollster started asking the question in 1979. It is, however, higher that the averages for each of President Barack Obama’s two terms.

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  1. somehow this doesn’t make sense. If biden got over 81M votes, then how could 88% per dissatisfied. Probable answer: the rest are Trump voters who see the sham as it is and how the country is going down the tubes with this guy now in office

  2. I do not know Dutch but its bread to worry. We really see the civilian population deteriorating.

    Anything that puts us back should be stopped. I may feel it belongs in a category of mulling brothers.

    We only see a mess.

  3. It’s a shame it only a poll.. the numbers don’t mean anything.. Biden won’t sign it In a new book of whatever he does all day or hang this on the Oval Office…


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