Gallup Data: 52% of US Jews Identify as Democrats, 16% as Republicans

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More than half of US Jews identified as Democrats in 2018, while fewer than one in five said they were Republicans, according to combined Gallup poll tracking data published on Thursday.

Out of 938 Jewish Gallup poll respondents last year, 52% called themselves Democrats, 16% described themselves as Republicans and 31% classified themselves as independents.

The data also showed that only 26% of Jews approved of President Donald Trump’s job performance, while 71% disapproved. Among the general American population, Trump’s approval rating was 40%, with 55% disapproving.

A Gallup analysis predicted that the recent controversy surrounding antisemitic comments made by Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar would not be a boon for Republicans, in terms of new Jewish support.

“Although Americans’ party preferences do shift in response to short-term events, there is no guarantee that any decline in Jewish identification as Democratic would directly benefit the Republican Party,” it said. “Many of those former Democrats could wind up in the independent category.”

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  1. this is gonna change FAST ‘cuz
    (Tea Party PAC) – Jewish-American political analyst Doug Schoen says that Trump could end up with a high percent of the Jewish votes the way the Dems are currently showing support (or lack thereof) for Israel.
    On Friday, he joined Stuart Verney to share his prediction that if Democrats were not to nominate a pro-Israel candidate, Trump could get up to 40% of the Jewish vote. He also said that people like himself would rather vote Republican than support an anti-Israel Democrats.
    “I was ashamed and embarrassed for my party not being able to condemn anti-Semitism outright and say to Rep. Omar you are off the foreign relations committee… “ he said.
    “Ronald Reagan got as much as 40% of the Jewish vote and I think Trump moving the embassy to Jerusalem is positioned to get that number under the right circumstances… You said to me, are you still a Democrat. And I said yes I am and for today I am. But if we get a nominee who is not pro-Israel you will not see people like me voting Democratic.”
    Certainly any American who has any interest in a solid relationship with Israel will not want to throw their support behind the Democratic party at all, the way things are going!

  2. Polls are meant to sway opinions
    Sorry, they are way off the mark now. I too was a Democrat but cannot vote for them any longer
    They became the party of antisemites and a loony mix of liberals and socialists
    Jews WILL leave them in the masses (at least those who practice Judiasm)


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