Gallup: Republicans More Proud To Be American Than Democrats

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republican-democratIn recognition of Independence Day, Gallup has released a poll on whether American citizens are still proud to be American. Ninety-three percent of Republicans indicate that they are “extremely/very proud” to be American while only 85 percent of Democrats feel the same way, The Examiner reported.

Eighty-one percent of political Independents indicate they are “extremely/very proud.”

Likewise, 89 percent of poll respondents who identified themselves as conservative are “extremely/very proud,” to be American compared to 76 percent of liberals.

{A. Newscenter}


  1. Its a shame to think that the very people who vote against democracy and dignity in America pride themselves as being “more American” than those who are true to liberty and good will.

  2. #1
    you guys show more about yourselves in your offhand comments then in your confused and rehearsed speeches. your response here is a great example. v’hameivin yavin


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