GameStop Rally Is Warning That Market Bubbles Have Gone Mad

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In the 1630s, it was tulips. In the 1990s, it was Netscape and Later, as we all know, it was housing. Today, the warning sign flashing “danger,” signaling that the stock market has lost its mind, is GameStop.

GameStop is a video game retailer that has been priced at about $3 to $10 a share for much of the year. But in the past few days, individual investors have driven the share price above $300.

Many of these buyers are using Robinhood, an app that lets anyone trade stocks without a commission. Because of the pandemic, people have plenty of time on their hands, and are looking to make cash, and it’s fueled a spectacular rise in individual day trading.

Why are they buying ­GameStop? Well, some of the commentators on ­“WallStreetBets,” the Reddit ­message board driving the frenzy, believe it’s a good company.

But mostly they’re out to hurt the big guys.

Hedge funds love shorting stocks, a trading technique where you make money when stock prices go down. Companies often go belly up amid short selling “bear raids.” That’s why small investors hate hedge funds so much.

When word spread among Robinhood traders that GameStop was heavily shorted by the big guys, the tables were turned into a bull raid. They drove up the price, and all those bets that GameStop would decline in value failed. A “short squeeze” was on at a level sophisticated market players hadn’t seen in years.

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  1. Just wait, when the market collapses because of this social media driven market bubble explodes and people will have lost tons of money, there will be a call by the Left to bail out these people and pay them back what they lost. MARK MY WORDS

  2. This goes to prove how corrupt and fixed the stock market is. It is clearly ILLEGAL what Schwab, TD Ameritrade, Robinhood, and others have done, by freezing the stock and not allowing anyone to purchase the stock. The problem here is that EVERY member of Congress from both parties are heavily invested, with donations pouring in every election cycle, in the Wall Street firms. Deep State swamp corruption. Letitia James wont make a peep. Merrick Garland won’t touch this with a 10 foot pole. We, as a Nation of rules/laws LOL, are screwed! The rich and powerful ALWAYS get away with screwing the little guy.


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