Gantz Booed Outside Chasuna Of MK Yaakov Asher’s Son

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Blue and White leader Benny Gantz was booed Sunday as he entered the wedding of the son of charedi lawmaker Yaakov Asher, where protesters called him a “terrorist” and told him to “go to the Arabs.”

However, inside the function, Gantz was warmly welcomed, Hebrew media reported.

Gantz is currently trying to form a government, and one of the main stumbling blocks has been Blue and White’s insistence that a coalition unity government not include the ultra-Orthodox parties. Asher is a lawmaker from the United Torah Judaism Party.

Read more at Times of Israel.



  1. What is the point of booing him? To make him hate frum people (even more)?

    Do anyone think that be booed at a frum event he will become sympathetic to the frum point of view?


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