Gantz Demands 500,000 Shekels From Accuser

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Blue and White party leader Benny Gantz filed a libel suit for NIS 500,000 against a woman who published a post on Facebook describing various acts she accused Gantz of committing against her 42 years ago, when she was 14 and Gantz was 17.

The lawsuit, filed by Adv. Boaz Ben-Zur, Carmel Ben Tzur and Guy Rave, states that the post is false, fabricated, and fictitious from beginning to end.

“The Plaintiff does not remember any acquaintance with the Defendant, and in any case the fantastic story she invented from her feverish mind never happened,” the lawsuit states.

Ganz announced in his claim that he intends to contribute any amount that will be awarded as a result of the lawsuit for a public purpose, such as donating it to the Association for Rape Crisis Centers.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. Basically all the claims and counter-claims as presented in the linked article are as true in the Ford vs. Kavannaugh claims as well. As example, certainly Ford was way-deep connected to the Democrat party. How come – on what basis – does the “mainstream” media choose (champion) the woman in one case but the male in the other case.

  2. Israel Hayom interviewed another (second) accuser as well. This second accuser is a man who claims Gantz and Gantz’s friends were known as the school bullies and school pranksters, and that Gantz and Gantz’s friend undressed in front of this person’s little sister (and mother, who has since passed away) laughing all the time.

    That said, one wonders the direct relevance of teenage stupidity. The only thing I see is that in the case of Kavanaugh he was open about teenage foolishness of drinking beer. Here, Gantz is clearly hiding any teenage foolishness and, *should it be proven that these things did happen,* he loses all credibility not because of his teenage foolishness but because of his hiding and lying and continuing to be a jerk about it. So far, these allegations have not been proven.

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