Gantz Is Willing To Consider Rotation Deal With Netanyahu – If He Premiers First

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Likud’s main rival for Israel’s throne of politics, head of Blue and White party Benny Gantz, said on Sunday that if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu offered a leadership rotation deal with him in the next government, with Gantz leading first — he’d consider it.

In an interview with YNET News, Gantz said that if Netanyahu had “offered a rotation deal, with myself premiering first, then we can begin to talk.”

But Gantz expressed confidence in his chances to top the Likud leader. “Everyone understands the end of the Netanyahu era has begun,” he said and claimed sources in his party are currently negotiating with officials of the Likud party. “Netanyahu is managing the last political battle of his life,” he added.

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  1. Of course Gantz would agree to such a deal.

    He is guaranteeing himself the prime minister position for at least two years. At the end of those years, there is a very good chance than Netanyahu won’t be in the position to be prime minister anymore so he would end up staying using the power of incumbency.

    Question is if Netanyahu would agree. He has a lot less of a motive to. He very likely would be permanently stepping down from his position and giving tremendous to his main rival.

  2. Wow,

    An interesting turn of events:
    1. This may mean the finally Lapid is on the out – as he has been adamant that he would never sit with
    2. This is a good ploy to sever Likuks ties with the Charedi and right wing parties – who are far more of a
    3. No one wants to have to deal with Liberman.

    Would Likud go for it ?
    Yes, but probably on a yearly rotation with Netanyahu first and a third Election in 12 months time 🙂

  3. The main thing is Lieberman should NOT be part of the government! He has openly declared war on HKB”H and his Torah R”L!


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