Gantz To The Kretchnif Rebbe: ‘Lapid Is Behaving Better’

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Kichol V’lavan chairman Benny Gantz spoke with the Kretchnif Rebbe on Wednesday when they both visited the home of Deputy Minister Meir Porush, who was sitting shiva for his brother, according to a Kan News report.


The Kretchnif Rebbe asked Gantz about his partner, Yair Lapid, known for his vicious anti-haredi rhetoric. Lapid’s presence in Blue and White is an insurmountable obstacle to the party possibly forming a coalition with the charedi parties in the 22nd Knesset.

“What’s with your partner Yair Lapid,” the Kretchnif Rebbe inquired.

“My partner is behaving better all the time. It will be okay,” Gantz responded.

At that point, Porush, sitting on a low chair in front of the two men, said, “We don’t want them saying that they started negotiating here,” which caused the people present to break out in laughter.

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  1. Show me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are. Birds of a feather flock together.

    I hope the Rebbe told him to go find another job with Lapid because Israel does not need anti-Torah leaders.

  2. There’s no such thing as Lapid “behaving better.” The more he mouths off, the better, because people will see him for who he is. Ironically, if he controls himself till the elections, he’ll get more votes from his ilk. Not that I should be teaching him election tactics but the danger is real. He could make life a real nightmare for the frum, like his illustrious father did. We’re still paying the price of his decrees – in addition to his “cooling off of the bathtub,” so now making laws that don’t allow the chareidi public to live normally, is legitimate. If you d o n ‘ t understand this, then you neither live here, or you’re too young to remember how things were before מטומטם-טומי Lapid.


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